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When we have to say “Goodbye”

Lease Termination

What are the steps if I need to follow for terminating my lease?

Please call the office as soon as you think you may need to end your lease and move-out.

You must tell us and sign a special form in the office at least two full calendar months before you intend to move-out.

The best way financially to handle this is to tell us at the end of a month knowing that you will be required to pay for two more months of rent.

Remember that if you have lived here for less than one year, you will need to pay a fee to terminate the lease.


What should I do when I’m moving out?
1. Remember to call the utility companies to suspend service in your name.

The electric will return to The Landings name.

2. Remember to schedule to have your carpet shampooed by an outside company and give the office a copy of the receipt.

The Leasing Office will schedule to have this work completed for you and charge your account, if you wish.

3. We will provide you with other instructions about the condition of your unit when you sign your termination notice.